Em - The Visionary

I think it's important that you know who will be guiding you through this strategic path to find out if we are a good fit.

I believe with all my heart that my role whilst I'm here on this earth is to inspire and guide woman on their journey to be, do and have everything they want in life. And to be a shiny example of what is possible when you follow your dreams and don't settle.

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From Sacked to Success...

Approaching my 30th birthday I'd spent the past decade settling for mediocre. I had an addiction to people pleasing, was a perfectionist with chronic anxiety and didn't feel worthy of anything or anyone in my life. 

In my 20's I experienced my father being kidnapped for ransom when a business partnership went bad. The trauma led to bankruptcy, losing our family home and Dad sleeping in his car, causing him to become an alcoholic who spent years in and out of intensive care battling liver failure. With me as his carer. 

In school I was bullied for how I looked and suffered extreme body shame and self esteem issues. I even endured 13 hours of surgery to 'fix' a my so called body 'disorder'.

Then, I landed my dream job working my soul into the ground for a narcissistic boss who threw me under the bus to protect herself when the shit hit the fan. 

This 'final straw' triggered PTSD and in my darkest moments I questioned if I wanted to be here at all.

It broke me. I spent the next year self sabotaging until one night I found myself locked inside my own car (no really!) with a lot of thinking time and a big decision to make. 

Stay stuck or breakthrough....

I chose to breakthrough (the car window + the years of limitations 

that had held me back from my potential).

I turned down a shareholding in the company I was working for, left a 10 year relationship that wasn't 'the one', got super fit and healthy, losing 49lbs in weight, cured myself of chronic anxiety and hired a coach to start my own business.

Today I live a life full of freedom and potentiality, doing something I love, whilst raising a beautiful family and enjoying a fabulous lifestyle.

The odds were stacked against me so many times but if I can do it, then you really can!


Ali - The Mind Master

I live in North Yorkshire in a beautiful country home, with my husband, 2 very sporty, lively teenage sons and 2 crazy dogs! 

Alongside being the Co-Founder of the Limitless CEO, I also run a business with my husband offering luxury holiday properties for people desiring a beautiful and peaceful retreat from every day life.

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From Broken to Healed....

But it hasn't always been this way; wind back 5 years ago and you would see a very different picture of my life.

I believe YOU are in control of YOUR life and your destiny. I believe you can overcome and have anything you desire, if you want to badly enough. I believe this because this is my story.

I lost my career to the juggle of motherhood, progression and burnout. I lost my identity, no longer knew my purpose or role in life. I lost my Mum twice, once to Alzheimer’s and then very suddenly to pneumonia. Just as I was rebuilding my foundations, confidence and self-belief, I lost it all again.

I lost my identity as a wife and the life as I knew it as my relationship broke down. I lost my friends and support network. I lost respect from others and for myself. I lost my self-esteem, my self-worth, trust in myself and in others. I felt unlovable and a complete failure in life. I lost my health and mind to clinical depression, to PTSD, insomnia and eating disorders.

I refused drugs offered that would numb me, not only from my pain, but also from life and instead looked to coaches, therapists and alternative and holistic therapists who taught me how to heal and the techniques to rebuild myself and my life again. 

I now live a life I have purposefully created over the last 5 years which is centred all around love; love for myself, love for all the people in my life and love with what I does and how I do it. 

I believe you can have more and you can build a life based on the foundation of happiness and create the life you dream of having, creating a ripple effect of positivity, success and joy that starts with you and which transcends generations. 

It all starts with YOU. It all starts with making a decision to take that first step.

"For anyone sitting on the fence and wondering ‘should I, shouldn’t I’, I say to trust yourself, make the leap of faith and join the programme.

Your life and business will be enriched in ways that you cannot imagine until you’re in the magic world of Emma and Ali."


-Clare: The Yorkshire Nutritionist