The Limitless Woman Mastermind:  Wait List open NOW for January 2022. 

The high level mastermind for the woman ready to activate her wealth & power and become the CEO of her life,

The Limitless Woman Mastermind  






The grey-haired male in the stiff shirt and expensive watch, privileged education, and commanding presence.  


Are you triggered by this stereotype?

We were.

This was the paradigm of leadership that motivated us to 'get out' of our jobs and become owners of our own lives and business.

This is the paradigm of success that we are choosing to shift to a new way.

A C.E.O in our world is about becoming a Consciously Evolved Owner in your life and business.

Living beyond restriction.  The life of a Limitless C.E.O.


A C.E.O in our world is about becoming a Consciously Evolved Owner in your life and business.

We stand for a new way for women to activate their desires and lead in effortless feminine power to create wealth, freedom, and happiness that is rooted in putting family, health, and self first.

We stand for the women on the rise who are ready to say yes to life beyond restrictions where they get to BE limitless and HAVE more.

We invite you to become a Limitless C.E.O.

Turn up your volume and prepare to be turned on! 


Because you desire an extraordinary life...


Limitless pleasure and fun.

Limitless time and quality connection with your family.

Limitless wealth for your journey & future generations.

Limitless growth and opportunity.

Limitless love and intimacy.

Limitless energy and vitality.

Limitless travel and unforgettable experiences.

Limitless lifestyle and richness of life.

Limitless legacy and impact.

Because you desire to say ‘I was truly here.  I lived, I loved, I did everything I wanted and it was more than I imagined it would be’.

What's included?

Strategy with Soul.  Energetic Mastery.  High-level support and Growth.

  • Bi-weekly Mastermind calls to learn & master The Limitless Principles. Live coaching, live inspiration, live calibration.
  • Calibrate to our energy, ignite your own power with ours and voice your truth in powerful conversations, asking the right questions to up-level your life, your business.
  • 90-minute quarterly 1-2-1 strategy session with Em to create and activate your vision for life, refine your strategy.
  • 30-minute monthly 1-2-1 energetics session with Ali to align your energy, master your mind and release any limitations.
  • Private Human Design reading to align your design with your way of being and working.
  • Private peer community for collaboration and next-level calibration.
  • An exclusive intimate group of a maximum of 10 women.
  • Lifetime access to The Limitless Principles course + all online recorded courses released by TLC brand during your time in the Mastermind.

Mastermind Membership is for an initial minimum 4 month commitment, followed by rolling monthly membership or another 4 month commitment by paying in full.

4 Monthly payments of £1111 or pay in full option of £3888.

Freedom. Happiness. Wealth+Power.

YOUR LIFE starts now.


Your Journey to Become a Limitless C.E.O inside the Mastermind- learning to embody the Limitless Principles.

No1: Life Ownership & Radical Self Responsibility.

You desire more, but are you truly owning that desire and making the brave moves to make it happen? We reveal how to own your past with pride, tap into your soul desires today to live your life with the intention, and take responsibility for creating your future and dreams. 

No2: Ignite Desire & Your Dreamscape.

We invite you to walk the pleasure path.  The place where your deepest desires get to live, where you get to turn yourself on with the dreams that you dared not speak out loud, until now!  Igniting your desire activates your own magnetism to attract what you want more of, really fast. 


No3: Magnetise Money & Wealth Creation

Discover your right to be rich. Your innate ability to be an energetic match for money is undeniable when you know how to turn it on.  Stop being a 'money maker' and become a wealth creator as we help you write your money love story and start the journey to infinite wealth and richness of life, as a wealthy woman. 


No4: Integrity & Energetic Alignment.

For a Limitless CEO, being in integrity is showing up in business in your completeness, bringing the best of yourself and honouring your values no matter what.  It means putting family, health, and self first so that when you deliver, we are in alignment with that which you wish to attract into your world 

No.5: Trust & Belief.

Learning to trust that it's all happening for you when you don't have the evidence yet.  Continuing to make big, bold moves with the confidence that it will work is the inner work of a Limitless CEO, requiring an upgrade in your beliefs to match that which you wish to attract.

No6: Leadership & Feminine Power.

A CEO that can lead in feminine power is the one who can balance the masculine energy of doing and the feminine energy of being, regardless of gender.  Blending the Strategy & Structure with Heart & Soul is the secret to becoming a powerful boss leading the show in an effortless flow.


No7: Emotional Intelligence & Resilience.

A Limitless CEO knows how to navigate the highs and lows of life and business to honour your own emotions whilst staying in alignment and focus of the bigger goal, whilst holding your integrity when other people push your buttons!


No8: Strategic Action.

Strategy holds everything together, allowing you to show up in your business fully expressed as the most powerful version and know you are supported and on the right path.  Strategy is there to turn a business into a brand, capable of growing exponentially in impact, income & influence. 

No9: Self Respect.

Self respect for a Limitless CEO is holding standards of integrity in life and business, owning, and enforcing the boundaries that protect our energetic being and learning how to hold it all in order to have it all.  Self-care underpins a Limitless life and creates the overflow of energy and vitality that we can give to others. 


Em is the co-founder of The Limitless CEO brand, new mum to baby Darcie, wife to Joel, the Human Design Projector with an emotional authority with more strategic ideas and vision than she knows what to do with.

Em works with your desires and dreams to create a soul-aligned strategy and clear path that works for you.

The chief dream activator, the architect of your vision and has a way with words to turn your business into a first-class brand.

Em puts the strategy, structure, and soulful steps in the Limitless CEO brand and is the crystal glass to our cocktail.


Ali is the co-founder of The Limitless CEO brand, mum to two boys, wife to James, the Human Design Generator with a sacral authority with more energy and creativity than she knows what to do with.

Ali works with minds, hearts, and souls to align who you are with what you do to make it happen.

The chief shit shifter, rock dropper and loves to channel her inner Amanda Woods!

Ali puts the heart in the Limitless CEO brand and is the champagne fizz in our cocktail.











The power of a mastermind is undeniable - the vibe, the energy of a group of women all on the same mission is electric.  However, we also appreciate that sometimes, there can be personal obstacles that need to be addressed in a private setting or you may wish that little extra luxury of private coaching, to talk just about you and your life and business goals and challenges.

In this monthly VIP experience, you will have a private strategy and vision session with Em, a private mind and energy alignment session and unlimited Voxer support for two high-level coaches in your pocket! 

Their eyes on your business, their heart and soul aligned to your personal and business development is an exciting opportunity with spaces limited to 2 mastermind members per month  The investment is £1111.


Disclaimer & Terms

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